Pop Market SA 2017

Reblogged from my personal blog- I was finally in an art market!

Handmade Lifestyle

The babe and I were in our first art market this past Sunday! I have always been an artist, a crafter, but these last five years I’ve been making jewelry and sewing non-stop in hopes that I would some day get the nerve to be in a market. It’s finally happened and we didn’t sell much (neither did the other stall holders), but I still feel such a huge sense of accomplishment. Now I know that I have what it takes to set up a market stall successfully. There wasn’t a time at the market where I wished we had done something different. There wasn’t a time when we realized we had forgotten something. The market went so smooth.


This was our beautiful set up! My partner’s dad made us all of the wood display things, because we searched for a whole day trying to find something to buy, and…

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